Automatic Banding Machines

Automatic Paper Banding Machines maximise speed on packing lines and always present pack squarely. Automatic systems can do two things at once and so beat operator-fed machines on speed!  Jumbo rolls and innovative pack feeding systems allow integration of banding into industrial and print lines. 

US-2000 TTP Automatic Banding Machine

Banding and labelling in one step with Thermal Transfer Printer

The US 2000 TTP Automatic Banding Machine with Thermal Transfer Printer, for printing product information, bar codes, sell by dates etc, imprints product information directly on to the band.

Company logo, bar code, packing and sell by date, EAN code, price, etc. are imprinted onto the paper or film band prior to banding. With the PC, various blocks and/or fonts can be selected via an interface without additional costs. The product can thus be presented with different identities.

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US-2000 FAB-A Automatic Banding Machine

Folding Bundler for Edge-Protection Banding

The US-2000 FAB-A, In-line Stacking, Banding, Folding Machine (banding off folder) is ideal for stacks and edge-protection banding behind folding machines and saddle stitchers.

It can be attached to folding machines of all manufacturers. The variable infeed height from 350 up to 1'050 mm allows a connection behind the manifold pocket folding machine or knife folder module. The pre-stacker provides a continuous operation of the folding machine. The format adjustments from one-up, two-up and three-up production is very easy and can be realised within few minutes. All kind of formats from A6 to A4 can be worked on. Depending on the product, the machine processes up to 200 m/min. It is possible to band up to 30 stacks/min. The machine can work with or without banding.

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US-2000 PIC-CB Automatic Banding Machine

Fully Automatic Pin Conveyor Belt with Feeder

The Automatic US-2000 PIC-CB with Pin Conveyor, allows round or bulky articles and products of different sizes to be banded easily. The pin conveyor pushes the products, which are placed by hand into the banding machine. The pin conveyor runs, even if no product is being pushed into the banding machine. Therefore, products can be placed without interrupting the machine.and get banded according to requirements and settings made by the customer. Afterwards the articles are pushed out of the US-2000 PIC.

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Corner Line Banding with Separation System

The US-2000 CSW is a Corner Slide Banding Machine with Separator System, ideal for fully automatic banding of a great variety of stacks. It is a compact, high performance, easy to operate banding system with UltraSonic Technology.

The stacks are automatically transferred from the previous machine (cutter, printer, stacker or folding machine) to the conveyor belt. Upon in-feeding, the stacks are separated from each other and pushed directly into the banding machine by the corner slider. The bundles can be tightly banded once or twice as needed, but protecting the edges.

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ATS US-2000 TR Transit Banding System

A cost-effective, universally applicable banding sys­tem or integration into production and packaging lines.

Depending on the design and application, the US-2000 TR can band up to 25 pro­ducts per minute. Options such as band lifting, hold-downs or pro­duct stoppers ensure the greatest possible flexibility in meeting requirements. The banding system processes either paper or film banding with a width of 30 mm.

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US-2000 TRW-FD-J Automatic Banding Machine

Fully automatic closing of different sized cartons and shipping boxes e.g. for e-commerce

The US-2000 TRW-FD-J is a fully automatic banding system for closing cardboard boxes, shipping boxes and similar products and is primarily used for e-commerce. Due to its small dimensions and modular design, it can be easily integrated into existing production and packaging lines. The US-2000 TRW-FD-J processes different product sizes without changeover and bands up to 25 products per minute. The banding system processes either paper or film banding with a width of 30 mm.

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US-2000 IBL-SM Automatic Banding Machine

Alignment and banding of printed matter such as playing cards, lottery tickets or vouchers

The US-2000 IBL-SM takes the product stacks (e.g. playing cards, lottery tickets, coupons or other printed matter) directly from the conveyor belt, presses them and aligns them into perfect stacks. The banding machine bands the stacks either once, twice, three times or four times. If required, a pusher takes over the separate ejection of particularly sensitive products. The product memory supports eight different stack configurations and reduces downtime for product changes to a minimum. The US-2000 IBL-SM processes strip made of paper or film with a width of 30 mm.

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