Ultrasonic Banding Machines

Novel ultrasonic welding on stand-alone and integrated banding machines allows use of uncoated films and robust papers which are strong and cost effective.  Ideal for industrial systems, for automation and for larger products with arches up to 1000 x 1000. Print on band and print registration possible. Fantastic tension control.


Ecological banding with quick-change frame

PROBAND stands for innovative paper banding. The PROBAND V2000 machine is an all-rounder: it is very easy to use and can process PROGREEN paper and plastic in various widths and thicknesses. More and more companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to pack environmentally friendly with recyclable materials.

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US-2000 AD Ultrasonic Banding Machine

A mobile, compact and automatic machine with varying arch sizes available.

The US-2000 AD Ultrasonic Banding Machine with arch configured in a modular system and can be delivered in various arch sizes. This banding machine is also suitable for incorporation into fully automatic systems.

The band guide arch made of designer sheet metal and plastic renders the US-2000 AD robust and quick. An arch size adjusted to the product optimizes the cycle time and increases productivity in the packaging line. Gentle banding is guaranteed by the infinitely variable tension setting.

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US-2100 Ultrasonic Banding Machine

The ultrasonic machine for wide bands

The US-2100 Banding Machine for Wide Bands, can use banding tape of either 75mm or 100mm wide. Clear film or paper can be used. It helps reduce the cost of inner packs and full shrink overwraps. A large, effective advertising surface is created by multicolor imprinting of the band.

Equipped with a digital control unit and servomotors the US-2100 corresponds to the state of the art. The products are bound with the wide bands, torsionally strong and yet protecting the edges of the product. At the same time, the product has greater stability.

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US-2000 MDM-P Banding Machine

With thermal transfer printer.

The US-2000 MDM-P Banding Machine with a thermal transfer printer, enables bands to be printed with different images that can be selected at will. The advantage of this is that it allows the same base material to be printed again with different customer and product information.


  • User-defined printing with pre-printed or blank bands possible
  • Efficient packaging
  • Makes marketing guidelines clearly visible at POS
  • Adheres to design specifications and conditions
  • Continuous printing up to a length of 150 mm
  • High capacity

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US-2000 TTP Automatic Banding Machine

Banding and labelling in one step with Thermal Transfer Printer

The US 2000 TTP Automatic Banding Machine with Thermal Transfer Printer, for printing product information, bar codes, sell by dates etc, imprints product information directly on to the band.

Company logo, bar code, packing and sell by date, EAN code, price, etc. are imprinted onto the paper or film band prior to banding. With the PC, various blocks and/or fonts can be selected via an interface without additional costs. The product can thus be presented with different identities.

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Vertical US-2000 RD-V Banding Machine

Vertical Machine & Adjustable Table

The vertical US-2000 RD-V Banding Machine enables banding of circular products like cable coils and tubes or products with an aperture, i.e. hangers. An adjustable table which can be placed in any order allows to position the products exactly. For banding, a spacer is pushed automatically through the aperture of the product, whereby the arch gets closed and the banding process started. The tensioning of the spacer finishes the process. This banding solution assures an increase of efficiency and proper stacking compared to applying a binder.

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