US-2000 TTP Automatic Banding Machine

Banding and labelling in one step with Thermal Transfer Printer

The US 2000 TTP Automatic Banding Machine with Thermal Transfer Printer, for printing product information, bar codes, sell by dates etc, imprints product information directly on to the band.

Company logo, bar code, packing and sell by date, EAN code, price, etc. are imprinted onto the paper or film band prior to banding. With the PC, various blocks and/or fonts can be selected via an interface without additional costs. The product can thus be presented with different identities.

With products of varying sizes, the adjustbale printer position allows the pressure to always be placed on the desired spot.

Print mark readers enable precise placement of print images on pre-printed or unprinted bands. Print data can be configured via the easy-to-use user interface or transferred from an external source (e.g. database or scale) via an interface. The US-2000 TTP processes band widths of 30 mm, 50 mm or 60 mm, depending on the version.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Printing of variable information
  • Up to 4 prints per band
  • Maintenance free sensors
  • Ultra-Sonic Technology