Jenton Banding Machines

Banding machines / Banderole machines were introduced to the UK market by Jenton in the 1970s as a way of bundling stacks of printed products, currency and other smaller items together securely, whilst using minimal packaging materials. Many new applications have been developed including use of bands for labelling, creating multipacks, creating shelf-ready-packaging, tamper evidence, pack stability (e.g. airline meals) and promotional BOGOF type promotions. Banding is ideal for square(ish) products.

Our banding systems can be supplied for bench-top operation, on jumbo-reel trollies, automated with conveyorised feeds, or as OEM modules for auto-integration. Jenton design and make added value accessories for banding machines and work with OEM automation partners.

Our Products

Jenton’s wide selection of banding machines include own brand ‘Jenton BANDIT®’ heat seal machines with table top or free standing configuration, and also offer heat and ultrasonic banding machines from ATS Tanner in Switzerland who we have worked with since the 1990s. Paper and film materials can be plain or printed and are available in widths from 20mm to 60mm.

In 2022 most Jenton banding materials sold are heat seal PP coated paper (plastic coating approx. 20%) but new plastic-free materials are being trialled and offered, both for heat and ultrasonic seal.

Heat Seal Paper Banding and Film Banding Machines

Small table top banding machines are typically found in print finishing departments, currency centres, contract packers and other sites where it is necessary to bundle smaller stacks or multipacks. All Jenton bench top banders are heat seal machines but varients are suited for environments from dusty to medical, for paper and for film, printed and plain materials.

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jenton benchtop banding machine

Ultrasonic Banding Machines

Novel ultrasonic welding on stand alone and integrated banding machines allows use of uncoated films and robust papers which are strong and cost effective. Ideal for industrial systems, for automation and for larger products with arches up to 1000 x 1000. Print on band and print registration possible. Fantastic tension control .

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ats ultrasonic banding machines

Automatic Banding Machines

Automatic Banding Machines maximise speed on packing lines and always present pack squarely. Automatic systems can do two things at once and so beat operator fed machines on speed! Jumbo rolls and innovative pack feeding systems allow integration of banding into industrial and print lines.

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automatic banding machine

Stretch Film Banding Machines

Simple and strong stretch film winding/banding machine where cost effective performance is vital. Ideal for long and strong products such as wood, rolled products, steel and stacks of heavier products for transit. Band resiste sharp edges on tough products

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stretch film banding machine

Banding Machines for Packaging & Branding

Banding Machines offer an economical and sustainable way of addressing packaging and branding issues, and provide cost-effective solutions. When a banding item is unpacked, the banding material must first be removed in order to access the product. This provides the consumer with an immediate and unmissable connection with your brand. Whether you’re creating multi-packs or tamper evidence packaging, or you just need easier box loading, banded products help minimise packaging and reduce packaging waste, while putting your brand first.

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For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions.

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