Applications & Benefits

As a packaging method, paper banding stands out as using very little material – we promote it as a ‘minimal packaging solution’.  In tests, WRAP highlighted their results that showed for some common applications there was a 67% saving in materials over shrink wrapping or bagging.

The original purpose of paper banding in the packaging context was to securely bundle multiple items for the printing industry – cash, printed cards and leaflets, lay flat and folded cartons, envelopes and other stacked items. The gentle nature of the wider banding material caused no damage to edges and top/bottom packs unlike strapping machines.

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As paper banding machines have become more prevalent, other applications have become clear. Bands can be used to provide tamper evidence, secure items for shelf loading, secure items for box loading – or pre shrink wrap, to permit multipacks for retail and, when using printed materials, offer a non-adhesive solution for labelling.