Vertical US-2000 RD-V Banding Machine

Vertical Machine & Adjustable Table

The vertical US-2000 RD-V Banding Machine enables banding of circular products like cable coils and tubes or products with an aperture, i.e. hangers. An adjustable table which can be placed in any order allows to position the products exactly. For banding, a spacer is pushed automatically through the aperture of the product, whereby the arch gets closed and the banding process started. The tensioning of the spacer finishes the process. This banding solution assures an increase of efficiency and proper stacking compared to applying a binder.

Features include:

  • Open arch for insertion of variable circular or closed products
  • Fast and convenient operation
  • Pneumatic closure of the arch with minimal pressure
  • Adjustable table enables a precise positioning of the products
  • Neat banding of cables, coils etc.