Ecological banding with quick-change frame

PROBAND stands for innovative paper banding. The PROBAND V2000 machine is an all-rounder: it is very easy to use and can process PROGREEN paper and plastic in various widths and thicknesses. More and more companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to pack environmentally friendly with recyclable materials.

The special thing about the PROBAND V2000 is the innovative quick-change frame. The frames are designed in such a way that different band widths can be processed with only one frame. Depending on the scope of the product, we offer you the right frame size. Due to the simple handling, the frames can be changed in seconds.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Cycle performance up to 30 pieces / min
  • Fast format and roll changes
  • Easy access through modular design
  • Optimal fit of the banderole
  • Large band buffer
  • PROGREEN paper band for environmentally conscious banding