Corner Line Banding with Separation System

The US-2000 CSW is a Corner Slide Banding Machine with Separator System, ideal for fully automatic banding of a great variety of stacks. It is a compact, high performance, easy to operate banding system with UltraSonic Technology.

The stacks are automatically transferred from the previous machine (cutter, printer, stacker or folding machine) to the conveyor belt. Upon in-feeding, the stacks are separated from each other and pushed directly into the banding machine by the corner slider. The bundles can be tightly banded once or twice as needed, but protecting the edges.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Machine on stop-break castors
  • Infeed delivery with Shuttleworth Side centering of stacks
  • The digital measuring system (DMS) can automatically measure label stacks of varying sizes (mixed sheet printing) and band them once or multiple times