US-2000 IBL-SM Automatic Banding Machine

Alignment and banding of printed matter such as playing cards, lottery tickets or vouchers

The US-2000 IBL-SM takes the product stacks (e.g. playing cards, lottery tickets, coupons or other printed matter) directly from the conveyor belt, presses them and aligns them into perfect stacks. The banding machine bands the stacks either once, twice, three times or four times. If required, a pusher takes over the separate ejection of particularly sensitive products. The product memory supports eight different stack configurations and reduces downtime for product changes to a minimum. The US-2000 IBL-SM processes strip made of paper or film with a width of 30 mm.

Features include:

  • Automation of production and packaging lines
  • Integration in production line
  • Ideal for small products
  • Protects edges, borders and surfaces
  • Universally and flexibly applicable