StraPack Akebono OB-360A Automatic Benchtop Banding Machine

Automatic Tape Banding Machine

The StraPack Akebono OB-360A is a high speed paper and film tape banding machine for use in a variety of food and non-food industries including printing and graphics, banking and pharmaceutical and other packaging applications.

The advanced design and features of the OB360A is now available with a conveyor belt to adapt to fully automatic lines. Large dispenser is available as an option.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Up to 30 cycles/ minute
  • Operate via photocell pack detection, push button or foot pedal
  • Versatile - Runs 30mm wide kraft paper or PP film banding (60 or 110 um), typically 190-370m/reel
  • Portable: only 25.5kg
  • Min pack size: W30 x H10mm
  • Max Pack size: W420 x H210mm
  • Adjustable tension (from 5 to 60N)
  • Impeccable sealing technology
  • Larger arches are available for the OB-350 (up to 700mm wide, and up to 516mm tall).