US-2000 TRW-FD-J Automatic Banding Machine

Fully automatic closing of different sized cartons and shipping boxes e.g. for e-commerce

The US-2000 TRW-FD-J is a fully automatic banding system for closing cardboard boxes, shipping boxes and similar products and is primarily used for e-commerce. Due to its small dimensions and modular design, it can be easily integrated into existing production and packaging lines. The US-2000 TRW-FD-J processes different product sizes without changeover and bands up to 25 products per minute. The banding system processes either paper or film banding with a width of 30 mm.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Automation of production and packaging lines
  • Universally and flexibly applicable
  • Processing of products of different sizes
  • Integration in production line
  • Ultra-Sonic Technology