CE Stretch Film Banding Machine

Providing the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle cost

The CE Stretch Film Banding Machine, for manual or semi automated operation, is designed to allow the operator to change a roll in 10 seconds or less. 5 function keys provide a fast and easy way for the operator to control machine functions and settings. Roll change, automated features, speed, band count, sealer temp as well as trouble shooting and safety messages are easily read on the 5” screen.

The intuitive tension control system can be set light enough to band a single sheet of paper, or set tight enough to securely hold steel rods.

Along with CE high performance stretch film, this banding machine provides the highest bundle integrity at the lowest per bundle cost.Optional Load and Leave banding allows the operator to simply load the bundle and immediately retrieve the next bundle without waiting during the banding cycle.

Features and Benefits include:

  • 10-Second Roll Change
  • Touch Screen Operators
  • Finite Tension Control System Panel
  • Optional Load and Leave