Bandit® 240-30 and 240-50 Benchtop Banding Machine.

Compact and easily portable design

Jenton’s range of Bandit® Banding Machines for paper or film have a compact design, are easily portable and apply paper or film bands/tapes at up to 25 cycles per minute.

A simple banding tension control adjusts to the product and a patented tape guide mechanism allows trouble free tape feeding.

The Jenton Bandit® Tabletop Heat Seal Banding Machines are available in two tape widths: 30 and 50mm. 

Plain or printed materials can be used and products with a cross sectional dimension of up to 240mm, offering tamper evidence for secure and safe packaging.

Plug and play - no expensive air is required - just plug into the mains, load your tape and you are ready to start banding.