ATS-MS 420S Benchtop Banding Machine

Designed for Sensitive Products bands up to size A3 (420 mm).

The table top heat seal paper and film banding machine for sensitive products bands up to size A3 (420 mm). The table top model ATS-MS 420S starts immediately and needs no warm-up time.


  • Starts immediately no warm-up
  • Handy, mobile machine
  • Easy operation and user friendly
  • Short front table for small formats
  • Heat seal-unit for paper/film band
  • Compatible with a variety of product sizes
  • Cost-effective
  • Marketing with banding
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • CE-approved
  • Package stop


  • Jumbo-Dispenser permits fewer roll changes
  • Convenient operating by means of height adjustment
  • Foot pedal